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Telecommunications industry in Saudi Arabia is experiencing profound transformation driven by ground-breaking regulatory changes and a great boom in consumer demand. New ventures are flooding the market with demand for IT services and sparking incumbents to launch competitive products. At SAPIT, we help service providers and enterprise customers capitalize on this change by boosting their ability to increase efficiencies and deliver new feature-rich services in a dynamic market.

We assembled an Organization with deep expertise in all aspects of the telecommunication industry including Infrastructure, Operations Systems Support, Customer Relationship Management, E commerce and Decision Support. Our team has managed large-scale enterprise level programs in the US and has deep understanding of telecommunication networks and the service fulfillment process

Our team also has the necessary expertise to build integrated solutions with products and services for telecommunications, media and IT projects. We leverage existing networks to provide an integration layer that glues enterprise subsystems and enables seamless flow of fulfillment transactions. The combination of advanced and traditional telecommunications and IT services enabled by such structure provides businesses the basis for a revenue-generating, flexible and manageable infrastructure.