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ValleySoft Egypt

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VALLEYSOFT has partnered with SAPIT to provide integrated solutions across the banking, telecommunications and e-commerce industries

Our clients are major players in their respective industries in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Our mission is to provide our clients with local superb consulting services equivalent to the best global consulting services at local pricing. As a local company we understand our clients’ needs and are positioned to service them throughout, and after the completion, of their projects. Our understanding of our clients’ requirements covers both cultural and business issues.

IBM Corporate

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Sapit is IBM’s partner for the Middle East. We provide a full range of Business Process Management services, using the industry leading Lombardi Teamworks solution, to customers throughout the Middle East. Our domain expertise covers Banking, Telecommunications, Government, Manufacturing, Retail as well as Engineering and Construction.

IMCI Technologies

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IMCI offers an enterprise-wide end-to-end remote monitoring and management solution for critical infrastructure, that seamlessly integrates universal event and performance data collection / acquisition, distribution, management, reporting, and data analysis for reliable management decisions and measurable ROI.

IMCI's customers include Fortune 500 companies, government entities, power and utility companies, telecommunications, and broadcast entities throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. IMCI has worked with Departments of Defense throughout Europe and has been an integral part of the Public Safety networks in both a major US city and US state. The flagship Open-i product has been implemented as a critical part of physical infrastructure protection for major US and European telecommunications carriers as well as transportation administrations. Additionally, power and utility companies in the US, Europe, and Middle East rely on Open-i and the IMCI suite of products to provide always-on monitoring, configuration, control, and management of their physical devices and network elements.

Prodea Systems

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Prodea is the first company to provide seamless access to the broad range of services comprising the connected home and a unified connecting point to a truly connected digital life. Prodea’s Residential Operating System (ROS®) is an end-to-end service delivery platform enabling diverse Service Providers worldwide to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver unfettered, agnostic connectivity and services between people, data and devices, making the connected home a reality today and ultimately empowering the Internet of Things.

Based in Richardson, Texas, Prodea is a privately held company formed by the Ansari family — inventors with a history of developing groundbreaking technologies in the telecommunications space. They have helped to revolutionize the existing infrastructure we use to communicate over wireless and landlines today. Prodea Systems is their latest endeavor to address the challenges of today’s increasingly complex digital landscape.