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When organizations have the vision of enterprise adoption for certain technology, it is important to put the roadmap for this adoption journey before focusing on a specific project. In this phase, SAPiT work with the client to develop the roadmap for the technology adoption. This phase duration is dependent on the complexity of the organization business and infrastructure.

SAPiT organize workshops and meetings with Process Owners. Context is set, and objective is clearly communicated. Process Owners provide a view of the process that they follow in their domain. SAPiT Analysts take note of all the information from different Process Owners so that it can be used to define the entire process. Based on the industry structure, workshops can be conducted based on below dimensions:


SAPiT Analysts can bring all the stakeholders together in one workshop and get information from all the stakeholders at one go. The information will be like islands that the analyst may bridge, based on his understanding of the domain or by asking leading questions. If there are any conflicting views between the stakeholders, they can be cleared up immediately or noted down for tracking. The centralized approach should be considered when the process to be extracted is not very big and complex.


SAPiT schedule different meetings to gather information from different stakeholders individually or relating to a particular domain. Once information is gathered from all the meetings, analyst can bridge the gaps. There may be a conflict of views, which will be clear only in later stages.