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Focus Consulting brings together a team with a combined security experience of over 200 years. The team has managed security projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout the world. Much of our experience is directly related to security operations and security management, which requires us to stay current with security industry technological developments. In that regard, all the consultants assigned to this project are members of the American Association of Industrial Security (ASIS), regularly attend security workshops, and occasionally teach security classes.

Focus Consulting Many of our previous projects have involved the writing of security policies and procedures. We have written security guidelines for airports, power plants, palaces, railroad stations, office buildings, embassies banks, and government facilities. These guidelines have covered all aspects of premises and operational security. Because of this background, we see the obvious relationship between security policy (the mandatory position of management) and the procedures that evolve from policy (the steps employees must take to implement policy). We know that policies and procedures are only as good as the compliance demanded of them. Methods of achieving compliance will be emphasized in our work; in fact will be the prime objective when creating policies and procedures.

Our team has experience in organizing security departments, and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of existing security departments. This background makes us well qualified to address the structural elements of security department, and determining strengths and weaknesses. This includes knowledge of the effectiveness of inspections and training, and making appropriate judgments. That process also allows us to examine responsibilities up and down the chain of command and make cogent recommendations for improvements.

Our background is ideally suited to the assessing of risks and vulnerabilities of premises. Because of our collective knowledge of high technology security systems we are in an excellent position to recommend the latest state-of-the-art equipment. The placement of such equipment is critical, and in that regard our engineering work on hundreds of projects is invaluable: viewing angles of cameras, appropriate light levels, optimum distance requirements, best location of alarms, and best use of automated access controls. We believe that a modern security system needs to be integrated with the client’s Information Technology system in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Our knowledge of human responses to criminal situations allows us to, among other things; establish guidelines for bank tellers and other members of the staff when confronted with robberies, burglaries, assaults and other incidents.